• Continual work is going on to ensure that agriculture in Konkan, blessed with nature, should not be a loss; it should be profitable along with other businesses. For that, five lakh fruit trees are distributed to the farmers yearly, and other activities are also implemented.
  • There is rain in Konkan, but no perennial water for agriculture or drinking. Therefore, efforts will be made to encourage farmers for perennial agriculture by building dams on rivers to empower agriculture.
  • The founder of the organization to make Konkan Sujalam Suphalam and make Konkan Malnutrition free is the mind of Mr. Nilesh Bhagwan Sambare.
  • Although there are mega cities like Mumbai, Thane, and Navi Mumbai near Konkan with crores of customers, the dairy business is little. Therefore, the intention is to promote it and create competent farmers.