Although three months have passed, 287 tribal students have not yet been admitted to the designated schools under the Jawar project.

On Monday, 12th September 2022, office bearers and workers of the Jijau organization, the non-admitted students, and their parents started a protest for these tribal students in front of the Jawar project officer’s hall from 11 am. They have fasted to death.

Students who passed the 10th standard in 2022 after studying in reputed schools under Adivasi Development Project stayed home and worked there for the last two months. Concerns started in the parent class that the government deprived them of education.

Under the tribal development project, hundreds of students from Jawhar, Mokhada, and Vikramgad talukas have passed their education up to class 10th in reputed English medium schools, and 132 students have been admitted to a reputable school in Pachagani. But still, 278 students were deprived of admission due to a lack of order regarding access from the higher office.

Bharti Vidyapeeth, Vikramgad (Students – 85), Dnyaneshwar Mauli, Panvel (Students – 87), Sushma Patil Vidyalaya, Panvel (Students – 106) have passed 10th from reputed schools. But all these students still needed to be admitted for 11th admission.

The important thing is that all these students belong to the tribal community, and the financial situation of all the students is deplorable. Immediate action should be taken regarding the admission of all these students. Also, in case of educational loss of all these students, the tribal development project administration will be responsible for this loss.

Due to a lack of immediate action in this regard, through Jijau Association Maharashtra on 29th August 2022 for the students of this tribal area in front of the project office at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Jawhar, Jijau Association, students who have not been admitted And their parents had also protested.

After the Tribal Development Project Jawhar, Mr. Project Officer gave a written assurance that the admission process would be started in the next eight to ten days. The tribal students from Palghar district and nearby schools would be admitted as soon as possible, and the protest called on behalf of the Jijau organization Maharashtra was temporarily withdrawn.

But even after this promise, since the admission process did not start within the given time and the students could not find a nearby school, today, Monday, 12th September 2022, on behalf of the Jijau organization, a fast to death was started from 11 am in front of the hall of the project officer.

Finally, the efforts of the Jijau organization have been successful, and the admission process, which has been stalled for three and a half months, has started with a bang. Therefore, the fight raised by the Jijau organization for the education of these tribal students finally got justice.