Thousands of women met at Nilesh Sambare’s residence in Zadpoli on Rakshabandhan, celebrating brother and sister’s unbreakable bond. 

More than 600 on Sunday, 7th August 2022, more than 2250 from Thane and Palghar districts on Thursday, 11th August, and 550 Ashatai and Anganwadi sevikatais were celebrated today on Saturday, 13th August.

Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, women employees working in government and private sectors, farm laborers, and hardworking women gathered in thousands at the residence of Nilesh Sambare to celebrate the historical festival of Rakshabandhan to honor Nilesh Sambare and celebrate Rakshabandhan.

The women’s class that came stood in the queue for an hour or two. Still, boundless enthusiasm was on his face, a glimmer of love in his eyes, to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with his brother Raja. It is for this love that despite all his private/professional/social events during the day, Nileshji Sambare inquired about the sisters who had come for Raksha Bandhan.

On the occasion of the Rakshabandhan festival, the women worshipped Nilesh Lord Sambare and tied rakhi. He put his problems in his ears, and his brother gave a wave of relief, promising to solve his problems.

For Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, nurses, and police officers in the Palghar-Thane district, Nilesh Sambre alias Appa is not only a social worker but also closer than a brother. Every year on Diwali, his brother gives him a gift of 10,000 Paithani sarees. 

The initiative of Jijau Educational Social Society’s Gratitude of Gratitude has now become a traditional event for Palghar-Thane districts. Jijau volunteers reach out to thousands of Asha workers, Anganwadi workers, nurses, and women police.

Nilesh Sambare and his son Dheeraj Nilesh Sambare also visit many centers. Before the brotherhood of the house, all these sisters compulsorily gather to wave the brotherhood of Jijau’s brother. After receiving Paithani’s gift of affection, they return home with Jijau’s gratitude.

Even on this Rakshabandhan festival, thousands of sisters from the Palghar-Thane district went to the home of Nileshji Lord Sambare at Svalpoli. There he presented his problems to his brother by tying rakhi and waving. 
Nilesh Sambare also took the information and gave them the word to solve the problem by thinking about how to solve it. For these sisters, a solution comment from their brother was like a wave of millions.
Also, information about Jijau’s activities from the sisters Jijau Educational Social Society runs a 100 bedded free hospital, CBSE school, residential school for the visually challenged, UPSC-MPSC academy, police training center, and other activities in Jijau town of Valpaoli. 
After meeting with their Bhauraya, all the women present also got information about these activities. The sisters expressed their feelings of pride that our brother Nilesh Sambare does more than what we hear.