Mr. Nilesh ji Bhagwan Sambare, the founder of Jijau Educational and Social Sanstha since 2020, expresses his gratitude to the health workers, doctors, nurses, women police, and women sanitation workers who always help society by doing their duty during the time of great crisis like Corona.

In Thane and Palghar districts, Gratitude Bhaubeej is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Another celebration of Bhaubeej’s gratitude for the unprecedented, supernatural, unique, and desirable Hindu culture was held in Thane and Palghar districts through Jijau Sanstha.

This is the third year of Gratitude Bhaubeej. Like every year, this year too, this year of gratitude was celebrated with equal enthusiasm in Thane and Palghar districts.

In this unique gratitude bhaubeej event, the deluge of love, the outpouring of emotions, the streams of tears flowing from the eyes, the boundless enthusiasm building up, and the feeling of having such a big brother by one’s back guaranteed security in every sister’s heart.

Boisar, Manor, Safale in Palghar taluka, Acharya Atre Rangayat in Kalyan taluka, Government Maternity Home in Ulhasnagar Char, Primary Health Center in Badlapur village, Mangrul PHC Center in Ambernath taluka, Satraggaon in Murbad taluka celebrated bhaubeej.

Also, Mhsa, Dhasai, Khardi, Kasara in Shahapur taluka, Vaishya Samaj Hall, Upazila Hospital, Dahanu, Talasari, Vikramgad, and Gadkari in Thane were celebrated with great enthusiasm.

A total of 35000 Doctors, Nurses, Asha Sevika Tai, Anganwadi Sevika Tai, and Swachhta Worker Police Sisters of Thane and Palghar District were given silver images of Paithani Saree and Rajmata Jijau as brotherly gifts.

Interestingly, in the Bhaubij program held at Manor in Palghar taluka, a Muslim sister waved to Mr. Nileshji Sambre (Appa), the founder of Jijau Educational and Social Institute, and gave a message of social unity.

This brotherhood was a joy for the Ashatai, nurses, doctors, and police sisters of the Thane and Palghar districts, who have efficiently maintained the health system, law, and order for the past two years.

On the initiative of Mr. Nilesh Bhagwan Sambare, Founder and President of Jijau Educational and Social Institute, gratitude was expressed by gifting Paithani to all these sisters.

In the last two years, the terrible crisis of Corona spread. Since then, till today, without worrying about their family, they continued to fight against the problem of Corona, their sisters, nurses, doctors, and police officers.

That is why Jijau’s educational and social organization is celebrating the brotherhood of gratitude this year, like last year, to express its gratitude towards him.

We must give something back to the society in which we are born. All society owes us numerous debts, and as a small effort to pay off those debts, Mr. Nilesh Sambare’s goal is to serve the community through self-earning, health, education, arts and sports, women empowerment, agriculture, etc.

In the social field, Jijau Sanstha carries out various activities on a priority basis, and the only goal is to develop the society Jijau Sanstha is fulfilling its duty by working for the welfare of humanity.

Branch presidents of the Jijau organization in Thane and Palghar districts, volunteers, officials, and workers of the Jijau organization worked hard in this Bhaubij program.

On this occasion, the founder of Jijau Educational and Social Institute, Mr. Nileshji Sambare, all office bearers, activists, many dignitaries of the Jijau organization, Asha Sevika Tai, Police Sisters, Doctors, Nurses, and Anganwadi Sevika Tai were present in large numbers.