Haldi kunku is also for widows???

Haldi Kunku is considered to be the festival of perfumers. Therefore, it is customary to celebrate this festival by keeping away widows for this festival. However, women whose husbands died at a young age and became widows also feel that we should also get this honor. However, society does not accept it.
Till now, everyone has done turmeric kunku of Suvasini.

But turmeric for widows! Why and for what is this speculation??? All of you must have asked one or more of these questions.

On the occasion of the Haldi Kunku ceremony, we invite Suvasinis and plant turmeric and kunku. Gives variety. It is said that Goddess Durga among Suvasinis is worshipped on this occasion.

But the Suvasini whom we worship is also a woman, and my widow is also a woman..so why this difference?? Why is it, not the same luck??? If you want to worship any goddess on this turmeric kunkva, honor these widows, and celebrate the forms of Durga, Chandika, and Saraswati.

Because it is easy to do life when you are good luck, but only a widow can understand how difficult it is to live thinking only of others after losing her husband. After 12 days of fortune, there is a massive crowd of people at home, but on the 13th day, he is in front of her.

So who is with that widow???? She is doing all the duties alone, so who gave us the right that she doesn’t want to do Haldi Kunku just because she doesn’t have a husband ??? As we say, women now have equal treatment. There are equal rights in society. So why not the same for these widows? Why doesn’t she get her respect in the community???

Women have started a new chapter through this inspiring initiative organized by Jijau Educational and Social Sanstha to break the old customs and step towards social change.

A total of 50 widows of Medhe village in Vasai taluka were honored by garlanding them with haldi kunku. Also, on the occasion of Haldi Kunku, food kits were given to contribute to their lives.