Another celebration of Bhaubijee’s gratitude for the unprecedented, supernatural, superb, and enviable Hindu culture was held in Thane in the presence of more than 1500 sisters on Monday, 31st October 2022.

To express gratitude to the sisters of health workers, doctors, nurses, women police, and women sanitation workers who have always helped society by doing their duty during a great crisis like Corona, Jijau Social Association celebrated a ceremony of gratitude at Gadkari Theater in Thane.


Mr. Shambhuraj Desai (Excise Duty Minister Maharashtra State and Guardian Minister Thane District), Mr. Ashok Shingare (Thane District Collector), and Mr. Ram Repale (Standing Committee Former Chairman, Thane) were presented.

Also, Hon. Mr. Abhijit Bangar (Thane Municipal Commissioner), Mr. ACP Gavit Madam, Mr. Avinash Shinde (Provincial Officer), Mr. Girish Shilottare (Senior Shiv Sainik) were present and lighted the lamp.

This activity was implemented in the presence of Asha Sevikatai, Anganwadi Sevika, Doctors, Nurses, Women Police, and Women Sanitation Workers of Thane. On this occasion, 1500 Ashatais, nurses, doctors, and police sisters were gifted with Sneha’s Paithani of Jijau and a silver image of Maa Saheb Jijau.

In this unique gratitude bhaubij event, the deluge of love, the outpouring of emotions, the streams of tears flowing from the eyes, the boundless enthusiasm building up, and the feeling of having such a big brother by one’s back guaranteed security in every sister’s heart.

Also, to enhance the program’s color, the disabled boys and girls of Jijau Divyang Residential School and the teacher Mr. Gaikwad Sir mesmerized everyone with their melodious singing. Also, the children of the Garbage School run by Jijau Educational and Social Institute in Thane performed a beautiful dance.

All the Police Sisters, Doctors, Nurses, and Ashasevika Tai, who was present, occasionally expressed their feelings about the brotherhood received through the Jijau Sanstha. Today to express their gratitude for the situation during the Corona period and the work done at that time regardless of their lives.

The branch president of Thane Jijau Association, volunteers, office bearers, and workers of Jijau Association have worked hard for this program.

On this occasion, the founder of Jijau Educational and Social Institute, Mr. Nileshji Sambare, all office bearers, activists, and Asha Sevika of the Jijau organization were present. This brotherhood is given from Nilesh Sambare’s income.

Nilesh Sambare said that I got the inspiration to celebrate the brotherhood of gratitude to these sisters every year out of this sense of affection from the rites of my parents.