Jijau News

One brother, thousands of sisters; A unique Rakshabandhan ceremony was celebrated on the third day in Zadpoli!

Thousands of women met at Nilesh Sambare’s residence in Zadpoli on Rakshabandhan, celebrating brother and sister’s unbreakable bond.  More than 600 on Sunday, 7th August 2022, more than 2250 from Thane and Palghar districts on […]

For the first time in Dahanu, the Jijau Dahi Handi festival was celebrated with a bang!

For the past two years, due to the outbreak of Corona, Dahi Handi has been celebrated in the whole of Maharashtra only in the traditional way without breaking the tradition. For the last two years, […]

Thiya movement through Jijau organization; 287 tribal students in English medium deprived of admission to class XI

As 287 tribal students under the Jawar project are yet to get admission to reputed schools, the educational future of these students has become bleak. Therefore, today on August 29, 2022, a protest was held […]

In Boisar, the grand opening ceremony of the Public Relations Office of Jijau Organization and Jijau UPSC/MPSC Library was completed with great pomp!

Naresh Dhodi, President of Boisar Division, and Yogesh Patil, President of Palghar Rural Jijau UPSC/MPSC Library and Yashwant Srishti Boisar Palghar Road, Boisar, inaugurated at Bhimnagar Boisar (West) in Palghar District on 3 February 2023 […]

The Beginning of Change; A significant step taken for the widow by avoiding customs and traditions, the Jijau organization took the initiative!

Haldi kunku is also for widows??? Haldi Kunku is considered to be the festival of perfumers. Therefore, it is customary to celebrate this festival by keeping away widows for this festival. However, women whose husbands […]

Konkan Varsha Marathon 2022 was organized in Zadpoli…!

A race for education for health was organized on Sunday, 21st August 2022 on Sunday, 21st August 2022 by the Jijau Educational and Social Society of Palghar district, ‘Kokan Varsha Marathon 2022’. This year was […]